Program on Law and Finance

Project on Hedge Fund Law and Policy

Operating within the Harvard Law School Program on Law and Finance, the Project on Hedge Fund Law and Policy seeks to foster research, scholarship, exchange of ideas, and educational learning about hedge fund law and policy.

Recent work on hedge fund law and policy by faculty and fellows associated with the Program on Law and Finance and its Program on Corporate Governance includes:

The Long-Term Effects of Hedge Fund Activism
Lucian Bebchuk, Alon Brav, and Wei Jiang
Columbia Law Review, Volume 115, June 2015.

Can We Do Better by Ordinary Investors? A Pragmatic Reaction to the Dueling Ideological Mythologists of Corporate Law
Leo E. Strine, Jr.
114 Columbia Law Review 449-502 (2014).

The Myth that Insulating Boards Serves Long-Term Value
Lucian Bebchuk
113 Columbia Law Review 1637-1694 (2013).

Pre-Disclosure Accumulations by Activist Investors: Evidence and Policy
with Alon Brav, Robert J. Jackson, Jr., and Wei Jiang
39 Journal of Corporation Law 1-34 (2013).

The Law and Economics of Blockholder Disclosure
Lucian Bebchuk and Robert J. Jackson Jr.
2 Harvard Business Law Review 40-60 (2012).